A repository for a Docker image running Ghost with colinmeinke/ghost-storage-adapter-s3 pre-installed for S3 integration. Published on Dockerhub as awildedocker/ghost-with-s3. - wilderingrogue/ghos...
A docker image based on the official Ghost docker image, now including /ghost-storage-adapter-s3 to enable Ghost's S3 integration. Find it on Github and Dockerhub.
An extendable blogging framework written in PHP. Initiated in 2009, rebooted then quickly shutdown in July 2016 once again. Probably doesn’t work at all. Archived. - wilderingrogue/viewpanelphp
My first PHP project. A blogging platform, allowing the creation of multiple blogs with one installation. Horribly outdated, definitely doesn't work now. Find it archived on Github.