Hello there friends,

I'm Al Wilde.

Sometimes I tweet @awildetweet.

If you fancy reading some longer ramblings, head on over to my blog which I sometimes update.

You can view what music I listen to by visiting my last.fm.

Or if you fancy seeing what I watch check my Trakt.

If you want to see where I've been join me on Foursquare

Finally there's my Instagram and Tumblr - but I hardly ever use those.

More About Me.

I'm a third (and final) year paramedic science student at Portsmouth University - I also did a year of biomedical science but it wasn't quite for me. 

I occasionally meddle with programming. I also do the odd bit of computer stuff. I played the bass once or twice. Airsoft is pretty great although I never get the chance to play.

But mostly I play video games on PC. Also sometimes board games


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